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Arabic Reading Course
Quran is a blessing for the whole Muslim Ummah as it is not only a means for spiritual growth but is also a source of knowledge, deep perception of reality and an understanding of life, death and hereafter. Arabic is the language of Quran and understanding Arabic grammar becomes an essential part of a Muslim’s life and helps him comprehend Allah’s message and command.
Arabic Speaking Course
Arabic is ranked at sixth position among the many languages and it is one of the oldest languages in the world. It is spoken in 24 countries as their native language by 250 million people, e.g. northern Africa, the Arabic peninsula, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. A major reason for learning to speak Arabic is that it is the second language of the Muslims all around the globe.
Duaa Memorization
Dua plays an important role in the life of Muslims. It should be memorized, recited and practiced in all walks of life. Dua is referred to as an act of worship (Ibadat). It’s a connection between Allah and his believers. Allah loves those who ask from him through their prayers, therefore in various areas of Quran, Allah has emphasized the need for dua.
Quran Memorization
Quran serves as a portal between two realms, which is present life and the hereafter. It is the only source of link between believers and God. In itself, it is divine and carries a solution to every dilemma that we encounter in our life, which makes it even more necessary for us to recite it and commit it to our memory.
Recitation of Quran
Brighten your homes with reciting Qur’aan; do not turn them into graves. Surely the house in which a lot of recitation takes place enjoys many blessings and the members benefit from it. Such a household shines for the inhabitants of Heaven as stars shine to the inhabitants of the earth,” is a saying of Holy Prophet (PBUH) that emphasizes the need for reciting the Holy Quran.
Holy Quran was revealed to organize and bring stability in the lives of mankind. It covers all dimensions of human life extending from the death to the hereafter. The significance of this book is immense, which makes it necessary for us to recite it in an unambiguous and correct manner, eliminating all kinds of errors and mistakes.
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