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Learn Tajweed- The basics of learning Quran

Tayseerulquran designed this program for students who wish to master the Quran recitation by a professional teachers and Sheikhs from Egypt. Student needs high speed internet connection with a Laptop , provide us with his available time and we will match him/her with one of our professional male or female teacher.specialist.

The main aim of the Quran with Tajweed courses is to help students, who are going to read Quran with the help to proper recitation services. This course will cover the following Tajweed rules:

                                                  • Learn the meaning of Tajweed with introduction to Basmalah and Isti’adha.

                                                  • Learn the correct pronoiciation for Noon and Meem shaddah & letters of lips (ث، ذ، ظ ) .

                                                  • Learn Qalqalah Mechanism, types , and ranks.

                                                  • Learn Heavy letters and light letters.

                                                  • Learn rules for for letter Raa

                                                  • Learn Rules for Laam In word Allah.

                                                  • Learn rules of Meem sakinah (Idgham, Ikhfaa Shafawee, and Izhaar Shafawee ) .

                                                  • Learn rules of Noon sakinah & Tanween (Izhaar, Idghaam, Iqlaab, and Ikhfaa)

                                                  • Learn Laam Sakinah Rules.

                                                  • The Ghunnah and its ranks

                                                  • Makhaarij (points of articulation)

                                                  • The Mudood (Elongation)

                                                  • Closed Taa & Open Taa

                                                  • Rules Of Idghamm

                                                  • Dealing with Separate Letters in Quran

                                                  • Kinds of Hamzah

                                                  • Al-Waqf (the Stop) & Al-Ibtidaa` (the Beginning)

                                                  • Types of Waqf

                                                  • The Characteristics of the Arabic Letters

                                                  • Lahn Jalee and Lahn Khafee

Way of Teaching:

we will assign teacher for trial class with student while teacher is going to evaluate student level and suggested what book to use and way of teaching. teacher also will see weak points which he needs to work on with student. so he can start with Makharij, Tafkheem, start with Arabic letters pronunciation, or so on.

During class , our teacher will focus more on apply Tajweed Rules not only theories. so teacher will divide classes between Tajweed rule and practice reciting Quran. Student will recite at least 6 Juzza during covering all these Tajweed rule. He might be asked to take test after studying some rules. Tayseerulquran will keep in touch with teacher to improve weak points and teacher asked to report us about student performance after each class

Errors while reciting Quran:

Not observing the elongations (Madd) at all or following the elongation incorrectly, e.g. making Madd shorter or longer. Pausing/stopping or starting at wrong places which distorts the meaning, e.g. stopping at 'Laa ilaaha' (i.e., there is nothing worthy of worship), without completing 'illallaah'

(except Allaah). Not merging or combining certain letters (Idghaam) that should be merged. We aim at teaching you Tajweed in such a way that minimizes the errors caused in reciting Quran. You can easily learn it with while being at home, without having the need of going to a mosque considerably saving your time and money.
Despite the fact that we recite Quran in our daily prayers, most of us do not know whether we are reciting it correctly according to its rules.

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