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Memorize Dua

Importance of Dua

Dua plays an important role in the life of Muslims. It should be memorized, recited and practiced in all walks of life. Dua is referred to as an act of worship (Ibadat). It’s a connection between Allah and his believers. Allah loves those who ask from him through their prayers, therefore in various areas of Quran, Allah has emphasized the need for dua.

“ O Mohammad (S.A.W) when my slaves ask you concerning Me, (then) say indeed I am near, I respond to the Dua’as of the supplicant when he calls on Me.” [Al-Baqarah 2:186]

“Truly, Allah loves those who repent, and He loves those who cleanse themselves.” [Al-Baqarah 2:222]

It can be seen that nowadays people may refer to dua on a regular basis but their thoughts and actions associated with it are vague. For us, reciting a dua is a merely a ritual to which we resort to when we are in trouble and when we have no other choice. The importance of dua can be derived from the fact that it is a source of communication between the creator of this world and his creation i.e. humans. He is the only being that relieves us from our difficulties and sorrows and grants us our wishes. Only dua makes all of this possible, therefore memorizing it eventually becomes an essential part of our life.

Our courses
We provide courses for dua memorization especially for children and women. It will give them tips which will help them learn Quranic duas with their meanings. Following are some examples of every day duas :

Du'a before sleeping: Alllahuma bismika amuutu wa ahyaa. Oh Allah! With your name I die and I live.
Du'a before eating: Bismillaahi wa'alaa barakatillahi. In the name of Allah and with the blessing of Allah.
Giving the salaam: Assalaamu 'alaykum. Peace be upon you

Du'a at the time of fasting: Wa bisaumi ghdin nawaitu min shahri ramadhan. And I observe fast for tomorrow for the month of ramadhan.
Du'a before studying: Allahuma infa'nii bimaa 'allamtanii wa 'allimnii maa yantfa 'unii. Oh Allah! Make useful for me what You had thought me and teach me knowledge that will be useful to me.

Tips on Dua memorization

It is essential to find effective ways to memorize duas and our courses can help you in this regard to a great extent. Following are one of the few tips that we will provide:

While learning duas, your mind must be clear and the environment should be free of distractions.

Audios can best help you in memorizing duas .

Writing down or printing duas on a paper is always helpful.

Repetition is another important tool in learning duas. It can also be called rote learning. Breaking down big words into syllables is equally effective.

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