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Q: How to start?

You register for three free trials; we will assign you a teacher, check our package and complete payment process.

Q: What do I need to start learning online?

• Complete the registration Form, or call us directly.
• We send you an Email or call you for Trial classes
• A qualified teacher assigned for you and you will be provided with the exact time of your trials
• You need to install Skype on your computer and tell us your Skype ID.
• For sharing screen, you do not need to download any software. Our team will assist you for sharing screen.
• If you like our services and satisfied with the teacher, then you can take regular classes

Q: What are the qualifications of my teacher?

We are very selective in choosing our teachers and only invite those with proper teaching experiences and high qualifications. All our teachers are native Arabic, graduated from Azhar University, their English is very good, and well- trained

Q: Do you provide a female teacher?

 Yes. We provide a female teacher

Q: Do you have a free trial?

Yes, Tayseerulquran offers three free trials.

Q: What are the Tuition Prices?

Please go to Fees page and check our packages.

Q: Do you offer any other intensive courses?

Yes. We do. Please contact our team with what you want and they will contact you during 24 hours

Q: What are the payment methods?

We accept payments with Visa, Master card, American Express and Discover card, through our on line payment system that guaranties safety of your online transaction.

Q: Do you accept PayPal payment?


Q: Can I get a refund for any reasons?

Please check our refund policy

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