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Quran serves as a portal between two realms, which is present life and the hereafter. It is the only source of link between believers and God. In itself, it is divine and carries a solution to every dilemma that we encounter in our life, which makes it even more necessary for us to recite it and commit it to our memory. Quran is a shield, sheltering us from the evils of the world. The memorization of Quran leads to the understanding of the laws of Allah and executing them into our routine. It leads to the purification of sins and brings us closer to Paradise:

“The number of steps to heaven is equal to the number of verses in the Qur’an. If the person who memorizes the Qur’an entered paradise I would say to him recite and rise; for every single verse, there is one step. Therefore there is no higher level than the level of those who memorize the Qur’an.” Nabi Mohammad (SAW). Quran holds a crucial position in Islam as it lays the foundation of our religion. It is memorized because it is a form of worship, since it has to be recited in our daily supplements or prayers. Those who memorize Quran are known as “ashā fiz Al-Quran.” Last but not the least; Quran should be memorized to protect it from any change or modification.


Following are some tips that are a part of our online course that we will be offering you:
Having A Pure Intention: One must have pure intentions and determination to achieve the goal, which is memorizing Quran.

Accurate Pronunciation and Recitation: The first step in memorizing the Quran is to pronounce it correctly. We will help you in this regard and ensure you learn the rules and principles of reciting and become a good reciter and memorizer.

Sticking to a daily Limit for Memorizing the Qur'an: A limit should be set for verses of Surah that you desire to memorize. It should be realistic and feasible to carry out. Our tutor will assist you in setting a reasonable limit.

Continual Recitation and Revision: Persistent recitation and repetition of the set limit of verses is necessary.

Reciting in a Pleasant Tone:

 While memorization, Quran should be recited in a melodious and beautiful tone. This is important because it is a part if a Sunnah. Also, it makes one’s memorization strong and firm. It is our duty to teach you how to beautify the reading.

Understanding Is the gateway to Memorizing the Qur'an: Understanding the meaning of the verses is a significant tool that aids the process of Quran memorization. For this purpose, we will provide you with the Tafsir of the verses, which will help you in remembering the verses. 

Connecting the Verses: Once a Surah is memorized, one should refine it by linking its verses together. The goal is to recite the verses without thinking hard to remember them.

Constant Review of What Has Been Memorized: Some portion of the Quran
should be allocated for daily review. Constant revision helps in
retaining what has already been memorized by one.

Looking out for Analogous Segments of the Qur'an: The Quran comprises more than 6000 verses and 2000 of them have some resemblance in meaning, wording or are repeated. The hafiz-e-Quran should pay close attention to such verses. We will guide you in this context, helping you differentiate between similar verses.


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