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Who we are

Who we are

We specialise in teaching Quran and Arabic subjects using online technologies. . All our Quran tutors are Egyptians who have graduated from Al Azhar University. 


Our Mission

1- To reach your house and teach you the Quran which in turn will ease every difficulties you face.

2- To spread the message of The Quran so that every Muslim community across the world includes huffaz and Qaris within it.

3- To develop a Hafiz and Qari in each Muslim house.

4- To encourage you to give some time for the Quran in your daily timetable. You can practice reading Quran with our Sheikh anywhere and every time.

5-To link Muslims with Quran so that they can understand its message.

6-To match you with professional Imams and qualified Sheikhs so youcan learn proper recitation from them

7- To use modern technology to teach our brothers and sisters to memorize, understand, and recite the Quran properly.

8- To help sisters and brothers to learn Arabic (The Language of Quran) with native speakers in a simple way so that it can used as a gateway to the sciences of Shariah and Islamic Studies

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