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Arabic read course

Tayseerulquran offers this program is for students who are interested in the level of academic excellence in the Arabic language to understand the Holy Quran and Islam.This course is suitable and useful for both adults and kids because it was designed for children who want to learn Arabic in a manner suited to their age and it addresses the skills of listening, speaking, reading, discussion, analysis, and training.

Our course:

During this course students will study the following aspects of Arabic language :

1- Introduction to the Arabic :

                                                  • Learn how to read and write Arabic letters.

                                                 • Learn short vowels and long vowels.

                                                 • Practice Arabic words 

2- Learn Nouns:

                                                 • study - Nouns, pronouns and adjectives – masculine and feminine.

                                                 • study - Nouns and adjectives – indefinite and definite.                                                     

3- Learn verbs:

                                                 • Verb conjugations  

                                                 • - Present المضارع , Past الماضي, and Imperative الأمر.

                                                 • Learn examples for different verbs.

4- Learn Pronouns:

                                                 • - Third person, Second person, and First person

5- Learn numbers:

                                                 • Construct the number

                                                 • Numbers as regular adjective

                                                 • Grammatical gender of the number

                                                 • Fractions

6- Learn Demonstrative pronouns:

                                                 • Near distance (this is- هذا, هذه)

                                                 • Far distance (That is- ذلك, تلك)

7- Learn Relative pronouns:

                                                 • الذي, التي, الذين, الاتي

8- Learn Interrogative pronouns:

                                                 • How to form yes/no questions

                                                 • How to form questions start with questions word (أين, متى, كم, كيف, ما, ماذا, من.

                                                 • teacher practice with student more questions and answers.

9- Learn Types of sentences:

                                                 • Simple nominal sentence

                                                 • Verbal sentence

10- Learn Prepositions:

11- Learn Inna and its Sisters إن وأخواتها:

12- Learn Kana and its sisters كان وأخواتها :

13- Learn Adjectives :

14- Learn Noun of Pre-eminence :

15- Learn The Interjection التعجب :

16- Learn The Vocative النداء :

Why is learning Arabic grammar important? :

The following example from words of Quran will help you understand why one should have awareness on Arabic grammar:

                                                                                                    يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ آمِنُواْ بِاللّهِ وَرَسُولِهِ

“O you who believe! Believe in Allāh and His Messenger..” [Qurʾān - 4:136]
In this verse, there are two words that seem similar to each other and they occur one after another. The only thing that differentiates the two words is that آمَنُواْ and آمِنُواْ, is changing the fathah (فتحة) on the “م” into a kusrah (كسرة):

                                                                                                                     آمَنُواْ           آمِنُواْ

The whole meaning of the two words is changed by the change of fathah into a kusrah. The word “آمَنُواْ” means “those people who have believed” and is a verb or action-word, while the word “آمِنُواْ” means, “Believe, you all!” and it is not a verb per se, instead it is a “command verb” i.e. an action word that is meant as a command to someone.

Benefits of Online basic Arabic grammar course:

• This course will enable its students to understand Quran extensively.

• Understanding the direct text is important as translations do not give a
complete meaning of the original text.

• Arabic Grammar helps in grasping the meaning of our daily prayers.

• With the help of some fascinating examples, the rules of Arabic grammar can be learnt.

Learning Arabic Grammar will have an influence on the life of masses by making their worship more effective and purposeful. It gives self-assurance that Holy Quran can be learnt without much trouble.

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